The team



Axel Ruga, Head Chef

Axel Ruga was born in a family of restaurant owners . From a young age he learnt to live at the pace of the family owned coffee house and later the restaurant run by his uncles and grandmother. His passion for cooking began there. His thirst for knowledge drove him to complete his apprenticeship among the most respected restaurants in Lyon. After a short spell at La Pyramide (2 Michelin stars) in Vienne, he settled for a couple of years as a commis at La villa Florentine (1 Michelin star) under the tutoring of chef Davy Tissot followed by another two years at La Rotonde (2 Michelin stars back then) where he was trained by chef Philippe Gauvreau climbing the ladder from commis to chef de partie.

Taste is essential to the cuisine of Axel Ruga. This quest for taste is undoubtedly linked to the search for top-quality, in-season products. He enjoys giving products different textures and cooking them to just the right point. He aims to bring perpetual evolution to the menu. It will vary from one season to another, according to his mood and creativity! He likes to work hand in hand with our team of sommeliers to produce the perfect wine and food pairing.